Peace and Joy are yours until you give them away.

 - The Dalai Lama

Resources for Mental and Emotional Fitness

R.I.P Anxiety

An online course to overcome maladaptive anxiety.

Is R.I.P. Anxiety for me?

Affected by the pain of anxiety? Anxiety hijacks your life. It makes work more difficult, it wreaks havoc on relationships, it wastes your time and money,  it interferes with you being the parent or the friend you want to be, it steals your peace, and it keeps you from becoming what you are cable of being. If your life is affected by anxiety, this course is for you. 

Current clients receive a 30% discount when they order R.I.P. Anxiety through the office. 

Featured Courses

Resources Course

This course is free to current clients when ordered through the office

Utilize the collection of resources for mental and emotional fitness that I share with my clients. Resources include guides for communication, conflict resolution, and parenting.

Biofeedback monitors physiology such as heart-rate, muscle tension and skin temperature, 

so the user can learn to regulate the body, including the stress-response.

Biofeedback: An Introduction for Consumers

Biofeedback: An Introduction for Consumers is a great resource for anyone who is considering using biofeedback. As the national neurofeedback instructor for one of the leading biofeedback equipment and training companies, I will recommend it to my students. 

– John Anderson, Stens Corporation

David has written a really good introduction to biofeedback…not a clinical or academic book, Biofeedback: An Introduction for Consumers, is perfect for beginning biofeedback trainers and consumers.

 – Tony Hughes, Ph.D., Professional Biofeedback Instructor/Consultant

Insightful, scientifically sound and easy to read. Biofeedback puts you back in control of your health and your life. I highly recommend Biofeedback: An Introduction for Consumers to the layperson and the professional. 

 – E. Leon Thompson, III, D.O., FACOI, Board Certified Internal Medicine, Phoenix, Arizona

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